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New Arthur CD “Transmissions From Sinai” now available

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(Arthur 0005)
curated by AL CISNEROS (Om, Sleep)
cover artwork by ARIK ROPER

Track listing:

1. Lichens - “Kopernik Trip Note” (previously unreleased)
2. Linval Thompson - “Wicked Babylon”
3. Grouper - “Everyone in Turn”
4. Current 93 - “Mockingbird”
5. Scott Kelly - “The Ladder In My Blood”
6. Quixotic - “The Breeze”
7. Hush Arbors - “The Valley”
8. Mia Doi Todd - “Night of a Thousand Kisses”
9. Six Organs of Admittance - “Bar-Nasha” (previously unreleased)
10. Holy Sons - “Drifter’s Sympathy”
11. Pantaleimon - “At Dawn”
12. Grails - “Acid Rain”
13. Sir Richard Bishop - “Almeria” (previously unreleased)
14. J. Mascis - “War” (previously unreleased)
15. Wino - “Silver Lining”
16. Alpha & Omega - “David and Goliath”

All proceeds go to supporting Arthur Magazine’s mission.

Edition of 1,000.

“Here are sixteen reports, differing approaches that, through their own individualized methods, access the one ground. It’s a privilege and blessing to have known many of the musicians on this disc, to have shared in song with some, and stages with others. In all cases I have been the healed recipient of their craft sitting alone with my headphones… Here is their auditory journal.” —Al Cisneros February 2009


May 15th – Book Launch for Arik Roper’s “Mushroom Magick” at Gavin Brown’s enterprise in NYC

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Arik Moonhawk Roper (a longtime Arthur contributing artist) will be celebrating the launch of his new book Mushroom Magick this Friday in New York. In creating this book, Roper has added his own indelible mark to the long history of mushroom art, presenting over 90 of his original portraits of hallucinogenic species of mushroom alongside educational writings by friends and scholars Erik Davis, Daniel Pinchbeck and Gary Lincoff. Learn more about and see images of Roper’s richly water-colored illustrations of these mysterious fungi in this blog post.

Be warned: If you are not wary of the importance of the mushroom’s existence on earth, after reading this book you will no doubt be conscious of the fact that fungi are communicating with our world in ways that are nothing less than mind-blowing…

Friday, May 15th, 6-8pm (on view through May 30th)
Gavin Brown’s enterprise
620 Greenwich St. / New York, NY 10014
Free admission