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Dorks, Blue-Tang, Mr Wonka, Sprocket Man, and Awkward Families

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My "Awesome Internet Images" folder has been filling up lately thanks to these sites.

Designer Logan Walters loves him some Wu Tang, but hates him some Wu Tang album cover art. And so he dipped into the history of Blue Note and is working on remaking all the Wu Tang albums in that legendary style. (Via Animal New York)

EnterTheWuTang MethodMan_Tical ODB_36Chambers

Another nice design project is Spacesick's "I Can Read Movies" series in which 70s book covers meet classic geeky films.

ICanReadMovies_MrWonka  ICanReadMovies_Ghostbusters ICanReadMovies_War Games

The University of Nebraska library offers up an online archive of government produced comic books. This includes everyone from Charlie Brown to Captain America to Wonder Woman and Superman pitching various public service announcements. But it's the lesser known projects that really grabbed my interest: WISHES & RAINBOWS, a trippy kids story from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston; THE STORY OF BANKS, in which a group of hippie teens learn how to use a bank; the EC style drug scare comics HOOKED and TEEN-AGE BOOBY TRAP; and the truly lame superheroes SPROCKET MAN (he rides a ten-speed and carries a giant gear shift) and RAY CYCLE: RECYCLING SUPERHERO (he's from Connecticut). (via Slog)

SprocketMan AmphetamineUse Stagflation

If you like to make fun of your childhood self for loving computers, Star Wars, and all things nerdy, you can put your own photos up for all to see on Dork Yearbook.

DorkYearbook_Floppy DorkYearbook_StarWarsRoom

More embarrassing than an airing of your kiddie laundry is the world of Awkward Family Photos. Take a break from Mother's Day and see what some truly uncomfortable family situations are like via the site that kicks the Olan Mills love up a notch.

2002-family-picture1  AwkwardFamily_Preggers

The best one of all is NSFW, and therefore, after the jump....


Written by Clinton McClung

May 10th, 2009 at 7:37 pm