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May 13 & 14: Back-to-Back Showpaper Benefits in Brooklyn

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Showpaper #52, Brian Blomerth, Narwhaltz of Sound

Showpaper, the free, biweekly foldout of DIY, all-ages concert listings in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey, has revolutionized (or, more aptly, de-virtualized) the way a lot of us find out about shows. Rather than spend hours clicking away on the internet, music lovers can now walk into favorite comic store or falafel joint and pick up a single sheet of newsprint that lists all of these events in one place. Better yet, Showpaper is also its own physical souvenir–each issue doubles as a limited edition poster print of an original artist’s work, which you can tack up in your living room for all to see or simply revisit once in a while to remind yourself of a good week in musical time gone by. Perhaps you were too busy concert-hopping to notice, but this month marks the publication’s two-year anniversary, as well as a handful of fun Showpaper benefits to help keep the publication going strong. Showpaper is 100% advertising free, and relies on the public sponsorship and volunteered labor-time of readers like you in order to stick around in your neighborhood.

If you are not already booked up with other Showpaper listings, kindly check out these two awesome fundraiser events in Brooklyn this week:

(videos curated by ARTICLE / Nick Chatfield-Taylor)
Ninjasonik “Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant” (PREMIERE)
Titus Andronicus “Upon Viewing Brueghel’s ‘Landscape and the Fall of Icarus”
by Mike Reynolds (PREMIERE)
Japanther “Radical Businessman” (PREMIERE)
Animal Collective “My Girls”
Matt and Kim “Lessons Learned”
Screaming Females “Bell”
by Biz Lynch
Future Islands “Beach Foam”
by Joe Stakun
Len Lye’s Swinging the Lambeth Walk (From 1940)
Punk Tree (Japanther Documentary)
by Chad Van Nau
2 short docs on The Eskalators’ Subway Show
by Charlie Ahearn and Flip Switch Productions
more vids tba / q&a after each vid

ALSO obscure and hilarious advertisements in between music videos curated by FREE DANGER / Jay Buim

8PM / $5-20 (sliding scale) / ALL AGES (duh!)
Wednesday May 13th @ Monster Island Basement (map)
[ G > Lorimer / L > Bedford / JMZ > Marcy ]


From Benefit Posters
(music/media curated by Nick Nauman)
Holy Spirits
The Derelicts
Visual Projections by Ivy Meadows and Ashley May

8PM / $5-20 (sliding scale) / ALL AGES (duh!)
Thursday, May 14th @ The Silent Barn (map)
[ L > Halsey / M > Myrtle-Wyckoff ]

Also performing at the Silent Barn show on the 14th, the mighty psych-rock outfit Behavior, who, after appearing basically out of nowhere, have been eliciting ear-to-ear grins all over New York City with their inspired mix of taught melodica and high-gravity jam outros that are messy as all hell.

For more information on upcoming benefits, sign up for the Showpaper mailing list here

Written by editor@arthurmag.com

May 13th, 2009 at 11:48 am