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Creatively Getting Things Done

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Regardless of the field, creative designing, and getting those paying jobs, requires a few things.

1) Keep coming up with ideas.
2) Record those ideas.
3) Find one you can do quickly an easily.
4) Do that one, just that one.
5) Have a real life.

While this isn't an exact set of rules, they are pretty good. This is because over time you will get some ideas that are possible with potential. If you can get a few made, you have work samples. That's what the fourth step is all about. Pick one, do it and do it well.

Number 1: Keep coming up with ideas.

If you are trying to be known for creativity, don't just be creative on command. Be creative all the time. Having a bunch of half formed ideas can be a life saver, inspiration or an extra bit of content for the on-command idea.

Yet, the big reason is that even for those who can be creative on command, being creative all the time helps. For those fortunate people, the quality of ideas will be better if you are already warmed up and well experienced. For the rest of us it is easier to just be creative most of the time than to be creative on command. Then you are just doing your normal level of creativity.

It also prevents the dreaded scenario of loosing your creativity due to being boring. Sometimes it is harder to be creative after a while having not been creative. If you are always being creative, you're not likely to go for a while without being creative. Yes, it's obvious, but some things just need to be reiterated.

Number 2: Record those ideas.

While it may be a pain to keep track of all those ideas, and worse yet to keep them organized on all those different kinds of paper, it's better than loosing them. That and when you need and idea, you have a bunch to go reading through. It helps.

Number 3: Find one you can do quickly an easily.

With all those ideas flowing and being recorded, you should look for an easy to do idea. Just keep going till you find one. It's important.

Number 4: Do that one, just that one.

See, that one idea is important, because you need something you can actually DO! With such ideas done one at a time, you can build a history, a portfolio, a resume etc... As you go through the ideas you've recorded you can find more. Plus, over time more will become possible and easy. More ideas and increased abilities means you will have more possible ideas you can do.

Number 5: Have a real life.

Look, you can't just be a creative [fill in the blank]. It doesn't work. It's like pouring water out of a jug, not a faucet. There's a limit to what you can do without input. During the time where you're looking for anything you can actually do, you were doing other things. They gave you input.

Read, play, socialize and live life, or you will run out of material.


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Igen Oukan

Written by Steven Egan

June 3rd, 2009 at 8:35 pm

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Efficient and Effective Everyday

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In my post Keeping People Involved I made a point about sweating the small things, because that's what people do day-to-day. "When figuring out things to do for a community, think about the daily activities and supplying things to do to keep people involved and having fun." That also goes for teams, groups and individuals. Make the day-to-day a priority in designing how you work, it'll pay off in the long run.

Could I go on for a while about this? Yes, but I won't. The whole idea of the "Getting Things Done" theme is that you learn about ways to make yourself and your group more likely to get things done. It's not about me telling you how to do it. Take a look at these different ways and think about how they could be applied to how you work.

Virtuous Circle:

Open Space:


Sorry about the delay, but the next couple post are already partially done. So, here they come.

Have fun, spread the word and tell me what you think,
Igen Oukan

Written by Steven Egan

June 2nd, 2009 at 10:20 pm